Committee for the Promotion and Promulgation of the work of Tsunero Kokuryo


Tsunero Kokuryo continued to release outstanding artwork to the public throughout the 79 years of his life. Sometimes he submitted work in competition to public exhibitions such as Nitten (The Japan Fine Art Exibition) or Kofukai or Nichiyoten or through private exhibitions of his work, which he held several times during his life, or the display of his work at various museums in Japan.

Following the establishment of this committee, our mission is to introduce the outstanding artistic activity and artwork of Tsunero Kokuryo to the general public and to preserve and maintain his work and reputation. To this end we are planning the following activities:

1) Building a database of his work. It is our intention to build this database in order to record the life and the art of the painter. We intend to include as many art works as possible, including drawings and esquisse, and the detailed life history of the artist. Art works will be recorded as follows: picture, title, technique, genre and size, year of execution, ownership, whether or not submitted for exhibition. The list of works will also include the artist's writing and details of its publication.

Permission must be obtained from the committee in order to reproduce all or any part of the database.

2) Register of artwork: each artwork is to be registered in the database. If works exist but are not registered in the database, then the committee would be grateful for information regarding these works. It is free to request registration but in order to register the work the committee may seek authentication in the form of documents etc. The committee may also ask owners to meet any costs involved in the process of registration.

3) Home page: in order to compile a record of the artist's lifelong achievement and at the same time create a general survey of his life and work, we will start a homepage. The homepage will include not only the most famous works but also all written information registered on the database. The committee will seek the permission of the owners of any work by the artist in order to place a photograph of the work on the homepage, and will respect the wishes of the owner to remain anonymous if so requested.

4) Management of copyright: the committee is commissioned to manage copyright by Akiko Kokuryo, holder of all rights to the artist's work. Permission to use copyright material must be addressed to the committee.

Committee Members

Chair: Professor Tetsuro Kagesato, Joshi University of Art and Design, Graduate School

Vice-Chair: Akiko Kokuryo

Executive Officer: Shuzo Yasui, Director of Sakata City Museum of Art

Secretary: Hidesato Ohtake, Kojimachi Law Office

Tomoo Kashiwagi, Senior Curator, Yokohama Museum of Art
Seiki Kataoka, ?
Ken Asoh, University of Tokyo, Professor emeritus
Atsuhiko Narita, University of Tokyo, Professor emeritus, Professor of Saitama Institute of Technology

Contact: All enquiries should be made to
Committee for the Promotion and Promulgation of the work of Tsunero Kokuryo
c/o Kojimachi Law Office
Kojimachi Hights 703
Chiyodaku, Kojimachi 6-4
102-0083 Tokyo
Tel: 03 3263 2868
Fax: 03 3239 7371