- How to navigate between the screens

Click the title of each thumbnail to open each gallery. Click the picture to enlarge. To return, click  again. Some of the paintings have an  button. Clicking this will bring up all of the sketches and other materials connected with the particular painting. Clicking the  button will bring up a highlighted part of the picture. Clicking the  button, brings up the painter's own comments on the painting.

Oils 1
(Early Period)
Oils 2
(Pointillist Period)
Oils 3
(Dune Paintings A)
Oils 4
(Dune Paintings B)
Oils 5
(Dune Paintings C)
Lithographs 1
Lithographs 2
Sketches 1
Sketches 2
Esquisses 1
Esquisses 2
Other Works

WarningF if you have a dial-up or slow connection, the picture quality may be poor.